Tanya Menendez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth, helping people understand and pay off student debt. 


Tanya Menendez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth, an app that helps people understand and pay off their student debt. Snowball provides personalized goals and recommendations on how and when to pay off debt. Comparing refinancing, optimizing payments and federal programs, Snowball ensures users make the best decision for their situation.

Before Snowball, Menendez co-founded Maker’s Row, an online marketplace used by over 200,000 businesses that helps democratize American manufacturing. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she worked at Goldman Sachs and Google.

Tanya has been included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30, and has been named Business Insider’s Coolest People in Tech and one of PopMechanic’s 25 Makers Who Are Reinventing the American Dream. View selected videos here.

Tanya studied technology and its socioeconomic impacts on rural economies at UC San Diego. Tanya’s ethnography and research, “The Economics of Migration” was published by the University of California.

In her spare time, Tanya manages a Women of Color in Tech group (join here!), runs 1/2 marathons and enjoys time with her dog, Mr. Pickles.

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